Laurelville Recap 2017

Last weekend, we went up to Laurelville and had a fabulous weekend with 80 students, leaders, and work crew from St. Philip’s! It was an amazing weekend… filled with laughter, fun, mud, and most importantly, learning more about what it means to follow the Lord and leaning into what He has for us.

Jason Wavle was the speaker for the weekend. He currently serves as the Worship Director and Middle School Ministry Director and Pleasant Hills Community Presbyterian Church and was formerly on staff with the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation. His message of the Gospel and story of the Prodigal Son pierced a lot of students heart’s throughout club and small group time.

Overall, we left Laurelville with fuller hearts than we came with. We bonded as a group, explored what it looks like to follow Jesus, and renewed our love for just how good the good news is.

Thank you, Pittsburgh Kids Foundation and those of you who support our student ministry program at St. Philip’s Church. I didn’t grow up with a youth program like ours, here at St. Philip’s; I am thankful for how the Lord has pursued me and used my experiences to shape what my Christian walk looks like, but I always say that if I would have had older teenagers and adults loving me like our leaders love our students, my world would have been astronomically transformed. I, for one, am so thankful for that sort of astronomical transformation that only the Good News can bring.

Thank you, Jesus, for transforming the lives of our students.

-Sammie Franks, Volunteer @ STP Student Ministries

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